Haibo Motor


With aim to create the electric Marine Thruster system that leads the times trend, and dedicated to the innovation and transformation of human traffic ecology, Haibo Motor is a key industry of haibo group.


From 2000 to 2017, Haibo group continues to invest heavily fusion technology enterprise itself, experts at home and abroad, research institutions and universities and other technical resources, to construct the electric Marine thruster power platform, through the positive design, independent research and development to bring out domestic leading level of Marine brushless motor.

As China core brand of electric Marine thruster, and also a pioneer and leader of the market, with the power technology continues to upgrading, environmental protection concept, Haibo motor are engaged to lead and create the future ideal surface navigation environment, with extremely low cost and resources consumption, integrate the new energy, brushless motor technology in the motor power system innovation. We focus on solving the domestic waters energy-efficient to travel, to new energy electric qualities, zero emissions, greatly reduce the consumption of energy, as well as the impact on the environment, to create the most ideal travel small water transportation, the real energy saving, environmental protection, easy to use, convenient, smart and safe.

Haibo now has become preferred brand of China domestic bait-fishing lovers. Widely use in clearing working for inland river, lakes, and water affairs.

As to research and development, production, sales and operating electric Marine thruster the main business, on the basis of headquarter resource, Haibo own 33 invention patents,304 patents of utility model and appearance makes more energy conservation and environmental protection, higher quality, more intelligent water travel transport. Looking forwarder to be the pioneer and promoter for Marine electric power.

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