Quality Control System

Quality control system


Implementation, resolution, enhancement, extra-value" is the quality policy of Haibo.Quality is the eternal theme of enterprise development, and place the quality management of enterprises at top position, to further improve the overall quality and market competition ability, to promote a new level of quality management, to achieve scientific & standardized management system.  Followed international standards IS09001:2000 "quality management system", Haibo established and improved the quality system, finally licensed by Germany T V quality system certification in July 2002, which laid a solid foundation for secure product quality and enhanced competitiveness of products.

Haibo has formed a complete, scientific and effective quality control document system from the quality policy, quality manual to quality system, procedure documents and other quality documents and quality records. In order to implement the company's quality policy to achieve quality objectives, to control our company to influence the quality of technology, management and human factors, in accordance with the "prevention and inspection to ensure the combination of" principle, the whole process of its control relates to the quality of products, from marketing and Market Research, product design and development, process planning and procurement, manufacturing, test, until the whole process of sales and service. Through the development of quality policy, objectives, organization, quality of the allocation of responsibilities and implement the quality system documents, develop a complete and suitable, the quality of activities can be carried out by the normal program effectively, in the process of operation, and constantly on the effectiveness and suitability of the internal audit and management review and take timely and effective corrective and preventive measures to improve the quality of the company is always in a controlled state.

Our company always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, will continue to improve the quality assurance system, to ensure and improve the quality of products, and strengthen the contact with the user, and the user to create a better future.