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Haibo employees article
  • Workshop

    Haibo pays much attention to spot field management. By implementing ‘6S’, popularizing billboard, holding morning meeting, spot field management helps to form an orderly working spot. ‘6S’ management provides workers a working environment where is clean, clear, comfortable, reasonable and safe. It furthest enhances working efficiency , enthusiasm of workers and fully exerts their go-aheadism and positivity, minimize waste. It is good at construction of team spirit and civilization, enhancing workers’ ability of expression and communication so as to improve basic management level and raise economy benefit; Through popularizing billboard, it becomes clear that everyone has his own task and every job is distributed to a certain person. There is a competition; Morning meeting system offers a platform for employees to greet each other, communicate and work.

  • Professional Engineering & Technology Team

    In Haibo, there are one-third persons who graduate from college, and one-sixth persons are professional technical engineer. Following the tenet ‘ We bravely climb the science mountain; we daily seek the perfect product; we sincerely serve the human being’, they constantly strive to become stronger, innovate and develop new products day after night and create a great deal of achievements for Haibo. They always pay attention to innovation and set up excellent product brand, which makes Haibo get stronger competition in international market and increases enterprise’s profit.

  • Youthful Employee

    Abiding by the requirement ‘quality is moral and the reputation is the key’, Haibo employees pay much more attention to the quality of products, and set up good reputation of product in foreign countries. Inspired by the logo ‘keeping improving, innovating, solidifying, dedicating’, Haibos endow their talent in harmonious, civil and friendly production environment where everyone is respected, understood and taken care of. Haibos are career-minded and responsible to deal with whatever they meet. They always bear an idea in heart ‘ I profit from what Haibo profit from, and Haibo profit from what I profit from’. A youthful and enthusiastic staff is one of Haibo’s treasures.

  • Rich Leisure-time Activity

    Various leisure-time activities are an important item of enterprise’s culture, and also a means to improve employees’ mental health. We take advantage of spare time to organize various cultural activities which are the combination of instruction, educational, recreation, recreation and interest so that our employees can widen their knowledge and perform themselves. Haibo requires that every department shall organize a meaningful collective activity per month, which is one of guidelines of excellent department, and worker star. The purpose is to enrich spare time and form an atmosphere of everyone participating in and thinking.

  • 党员先进性教育

    海伯公司重视工作现场管理。通过推行“ 6S ”管理、看板管理、开早会等制度形成紧张有序的工作现场,通过“ 6S ”管理,为员工创造一个干净、整洁、舒适、合理、安全的工作场所和环境,最大程度地提高工作效率和员工士气,让员工工作得更安全、更舒畅、更愉快,充分发挥员工的主动性、能动性和积极性,将资源浪费降到最低点,最终实现提高企业基层管理水平,提升企业综合素质和提高企业经济效益的目的;实行看板管理,对每人、每天、每事的工作、生产任务一目了然,做到“人人有事做,事事有人管”,使企业内部形成了竞争机制;早会制能给员工提供一个互相问候、信息交流和安排工作的平台,是一种非常有效的交流沟通方式,有利于团队、精神、文明建设,提高员工的表达、沟通能力,起到教育、鼓动作用。

  • 公司培训


  • 扩展训练


  • 早会

    “立正,稍息……”您不要以为这是在部队里,这是我们海伯公司的基层班组正在举行晨会仪式呢。 晨会是进行人员点到、活动发表、作业指示、生产总结、信息交流的场所,为了使员工产生良好的精神面貌,提高干部自身水平以及工作完成的效率,公司从今年3月起实行晨会制度。员工们对于晨会的举行相当赞同,而且能献计献策,对晨会的内容和形式进行补充和完善。目前已经形成为参与面广、内容丰富、形式多样、作用明显的公司级制度,并会长期执行下去。

  • 技能竞赛

    “ 近年来,海伯组织了多次技能竞赛,内容充实,形式多样,不但提高了员工的工作积极性,而且培养了员工的创新意识,同时还促进企业经济指标的提高。2008年,公司又组织全体员工参加岗位技能竞赛,各员工除了必须参加本岗位的竞赛外,还可以选择其他岗位进行竞赛,对成绩优秀者给予奖励,对于一人多能的员工给予记录档案,并发放技能证书,以后晋升及调岗提供依据。