Haibo Manufacture

Manufacturing capacity

With strong components manufacturing equipment resources and rich industry experience, Haibo can meet different precision requirement on varied material parts of die casting, metal material mechanical parts, precision injection molded parts, and other components. The group own the ability to integrate resources and provide supporting assembly from parts to final units.

Specialized in precision machining small parts, precision casting, precision forging, special surface treatment and other fields, Haibo have a solid foundation and experience, have all kinds of international advanced precision machining equipment more than 500 pcs, including precision processing equipment more than 100 sets; 10 sets die casting equipment; 8pcs forging equipment; more than 20 units gear processing equipment; In the past decade, Haibo imported international advanced magnesium alloy hot chamber die casting machine, high-precision CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC machining center, and other advanced production equipment, to  fulfill general customers and offer quality parts.

Keeping decades' manufacture experience for fishing tackle industry, Haibo and has been committed to the manufacture of high quality products and corresponding matched a series of technologies, processes, equipment, to produce various types of reels, including Spinning, Baitcasting, Spincasting, Fly, Trolling.  6 production lines, annual production capacity of 3 million, high-end product quality has reached the world-class level.

Rich experience in Hunting devices products processing and production, equipped with two advanced product line for varied bows, crossbows, aiming equipment, Haibo provide a wide range of hunting devices products processing and assembly capacity, annual production capability of various types equipment exceed 300,000 sets.

Rich experience in Marine power electric product manufacturing, equipped with 2 advanced semi-automatic production line, Haibo can offer a variety of specifications of the hand or foot control or remote control motor for boats. And we can offer supporting solution for boat supplier   to make preposition, or back-position motor unit to match. Annual production capacity exceed 150000 sets of Marine electric motors.

Haibo launched tool project in 2005, now the production capacity developed to 100000 pieces per month in high-end wrench, and further expand and extend the peripheral products production and supporting capacity.

Meanwhile, Haibo rapidly developed and achieved great performance in intelligent brushless dc motor, commercial office paper shredders, smart home, Micro bubbles machine, security products for home and oversea market.

In production management, the company began to use ERP enterprise resource management system since 2000 to drive the management modernization, prompted the leapfrog development of enterprise's management level and productivity level, to create a competitive advantage.

Haibo set up long-term cooperation with more than 100 qualified suppliers, a cluster of robust pillars,to provide quality raw materials, metal processing, precision casting, precision casting, stamping, forging, injection molding, surface treatment and other services.

Haibo won the good reputation based on strong manufacturing capability and high quality service; Till now, we are qualified supplier for global Top 500 enterprises including GE, Newell, UTC, WC/Bradley.